What is Twitter and its Benefits

What is Twitter

Often you have seen in the news, in which it is said that the Prime Minister tweeted and congratulated the Indian team for the victory. Shah Rukh Khan tweeted that the poster of his upcoming film, etc. are some examples when we get to hear the name of Twitter. That is why in today’s post we will talk about what is Twitter and who has invented it.

Also, when a big celebrity tweets something that people don’t like, the public starts trolling them, we also get to hear many times. Reports of films being released in Bollywood are also reported by big critics through Twitter. Which has a great impact on the interest of the people and also at the box office of the film.

But have you ever tried to know the benefits of Twitter and who is its inventor and who is its CEO. With whom do you tweet? Today’s world is full of social media. People who have many big names, you should know what is Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus? These are the biggest platforms of social media where millions of users login every day. Through this, you interact with other friends, do not make new friends as well as share photos, videos. They also communicate through kisses and video calls.

Twitter’s Benefits

People benefit from using social media, but not every account is as secure as Twitter. You will often see that all the big celebrities are talking to their followers through Twitter. So much you must have understood how important Twitter is. Twitter gets a lot of traffic every day, due to which it has developed into a huge business platform. It has about 500 million active users and most people use mobile devices, which make up 80% of the population. Now where there is a crowd, companies jump to spread their business so that they can get customers.

Twitter as a mobile app provides a wide platform for its users, allowing everyone to share news, jokes, information, pictures. Twitter gives a limit for typing the message as a post, meaning the message can be written with only 140 chargers or letters. According to Twitter, the message should be something that is short but completely informative. We will further learn what Twitter is and it has many features that not everyone knows, that’s why people are not able to connect with it, that’s why I thought that today I should give you information about Twitter and tell you how to run Twitter For, we begin.

What is twitter

Twitter is an American online news and social networking website that people use to communicate with each other. In this, users who write posts as messages speak tweets. People follow what they like in the hope that they may get a useful and interesting message. Sending messages to the audience by post is called twisting. Some people use Twitter to follow the tweets of their favorite people and companies. Twitter Inc. The company is based in San Francisco, California, and has 25 offices worldwide.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Naoh Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, and then launched in July. It became very popular worldwide. In 2012, 100 million people posted 340 million tweets every day. In addition, approximately 1.6 billion search queries were made every day. In 2013, Twitter was among the 10 most open websites in the world.

Who invented Twitter?

There are four people who make up Twitter. Whose names are Jack Dorsey, Noh Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams? He made it in the month of March 2006. When board members of Odeo’s podcasting company were brainstorming throughout the day, New York University undergraduate student Jack Dorsey came up with the idea of ​​Twitter as a short messaging service that could be used for communication in small groups. Inspired by Flickr, the service was named the 5 letter twitter. The domain named twitter.com was already in use at the time. But after buying twitter.com 6 months later, he renamed twttr to twitter.com.

How twitter works

Using Twitter, we can tweet a post on any topic. There was a posting limit of 140 characters. Similar is the SMS service you use for mobile. What we post in it is called a tweet.

Twitter is very easy to use as an announcer or receiver. It is absolutely free to create a new account. Apart from creating an account, we also connect with Twitter. No one can tweet without a Twitter account, just read the tweet of others. After creating an account you can tweet into it anytime. It has a box of tweets, go into it, and publish the post by writing anything out of 280 characters. This message will reach those who follow you. Your tweet does not reach people who don’t follow you.

You can encourage those you know that you can follow your Twitter account. In this way, they receive your tweets. To get Twitter feeds of celebrities like no other, you can go to their account and subscribe by clicking the follow button. If you do not find their tweet funny, you can unfollow them and stop the tweet from coming.

To read Twitter’s tweets, simply login to your account and easily read someone’s tweet. As people tweet the post, you will receive them.

Who is the CEO of Twitter?

The CEO of Twitter is Jack Patrick Dorsey, born on November 19, 1976, in St. Louis, Missouri. It happened in Louis. Dorsey is an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Twitter. In addition, he is also the CEO and founder of Square, a mobile payment company.

Some special features of Twitter

Today you do not know much about Twitter, but when you understand all the features of Twitter and use it well, it becomes very easy and fun to use.


The 140 tweet message or post you entered is a single tweet. You will see that you will get a collection of every tweet you make. You can also see tweets made by you and others. By looking at recent tweets made by others, you will be able to scan and know how much time a user spends in it.

Home or feed

In this, any Twitter user you follow, you will get the updates for each tweet. At any time of the day, you can go into it and see the tweets people are making and also tell you what activity is going on.


The Twitter account has a list of activities that take place, including new tweets, retweets, new followers, likes. Now your followers who follow you, you post the same content and tweet for them.


You have an inbox in which you receive direct messages. Direct messages are of 140 characters and can be sent privately to Twitter users who follow your account. This service provides that if you want to get some information that is not seen by the whole world, then it is possible.


This is the list in which you can see whose account you are following. When you click on the follow button of a distant user, it works in the same way as the subscribe button. It is beneficial to follow the field in which you work or are connected with it, from which you get a lot of information from them.


This is the list that contains the names of the users who follow you. When you keep your tweet public, all your followers read all your tweets. Your followers get all posts in their feed.


You have shown all the tweets you liked. When you want to like a tweet, all you have to do is click the little heart button below the tweet. When you like someone’s tweet, it shows that you like their message. It also shows how popular a tweet is. When you consistently like someone’s tweet, in a way they attract attention and get their attention.


When you reshare an original tweet, it is called a retweet. When you click on the short cycle icon, it reshares the tweet for followers. In this way, you can give a good idea or message to other people. This means that I like this message and that message should be known to others. This is the power of this feature, which allows Twitter to spread any message across the world in a few seconds. But also keep in mind that if you are associated with a brand and retweet the tweet, then it is also related to the tweet’s brand.

Pinned Tweet

Pinned tweet is a very special feature. With its help, you can always keep your best tweet visible so that even when you tweet new tweets, this top tweet is always on top.


This is a basic @nametag of Twitter. When you want to address a user’s tweet, you type @ with its username. As soon as you enter, it will pop up in their feed. Whether they follow you or not.


Hashtags are used to specify the subject of a tweet. If you have tweeted about bollywood, you can post it by writing #bollywood. This allows us to easily find a tweet based on a particular topic in Twitter.

Benefits of twitter

  • A chance to connect directly with large numbers of people
  • Customer service delivery platform
  • brand recognition
  • Can directly take customer feedback
  • Completely free service

In short

In today’s post, we learned about a social networking site that is used on big stars and especially celebrities use it the most. How did you like this post? Now you must have known who made the tweeter. Who is the founder of this social media site i.e. Twitter, who is its inventor? We have also told you through this post how Twitter works.

Apart from this, we also discussed what are some special features used in Twitter and what are its benefits? If you have any questions related to this social media, you can write your details in the comment box, we will try our best to clear your question. I hope you like this post. If you liked this post about what Twitter is, then share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus as well.

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