What is the Internet and Who Created it?

What is the Internet

Have you ever wondered how you started using the Internet all the time? How it was created and then how it spread throughout the world. What is an intern and who is its father and who made it?

Also, ever tried to know how the internet is made and who owns it? Today’s time is such that if you have only a mobile and no internet in it, then it is no use.


I do not need to answer this question. The answer lies with you.

Today people do not use mobiles just for talking. A smartphone can function just like a normal computer. If you leave a lot of work.

In today’s post, you will learn about the internet in detail. Nowadays people manage every problem. But if the mobile does not have a battery and especially the net, the world is useless for it. It is also difficult for some people to live without it.

Today’s youth has become such that they must have a net on mobile even if they have something. Can live without food for a time but cannot live without the net.

There used to be a time when people had nothing to pass the time. People used to sing and listen to different types of cards, Ludo and other sports or entertainment music.

But people don’t have time yet. When time passes in net and mobile is not known. Now we get the answer to every question on the net.

So today in this post we will know what is the utility of the internet and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

But before that, let’s know what the internet is and its importance.

What is Internet

The Internet is a vast network of multiple computers connected to each other, which is spread all over the world. A network in which a lot of computers are connected does not matter to anyone.

It connects any computer together through network and server. In technical language, the Internet is a network system connecting the whole world that transmits data from different locations using TCP/IP to computers all over the world.

When computers around the world form a network of connected networks, it is called a global network.

The website you open, you watch videos, read articles, it can be from any part of the world. And that data can be viewed from any corner of the world.

All the data on all the websites of the world is saved or stored on the net.

The place where the store is kept and stored is called web hosting. If you do not know what web hosting is and how it works, you can read it from here.

Routers and Servers are used to transfer data from one location to another on the net.

What is the definition of internet

The Internet is a network system that is formed after connecting computers all over the world. TCP/IP is used to broadcast all types of media files in this network.

Here I am telling you some interesting things related to the Internet. Do you net It will be easy to understand? By reading this, the information about your net will increase slightly.

The Internet is a very large network made up of computers all over the world. With this, data can be sent and received from one computer to any computer in the world.

When some computers are connected together, it is called a network. When many such small networks form a network, it becomes a global network. In other words, it can also be called the World Wide Network.

Every computer connected to the net has a different identity. This special identity is called an IP address (Internet Protocol). IP addresses are a unique set of numbers. Determines the location of each computer (

This IP address is given a name using a domain name like example.com is a name. Now the question arises here that whenever we open a website, we turn off the computer.

So the thing to know here is that the computer that stores the website is called a server. Servers are computers that are always on. To keep the website running 24/7, the server is kept running at all times.

I have also seen the server room of a hosting provider company in Bangalore. The server room is very large in size where the server system is kept in rake. These servers work continuously for 24 hours.

Who created the Internet – father of the Internet

For many, the US Department of Defense laid the foundation for the Internet through the ARPANET project.

Robert Taylor and Lawrence Roberts contributed to the development of this project. In 1969, the message was sent for the first time through ARPANET.

For which the network was created by adding another network, Stanford Research Institute, from the laboratory of Professor Leonard Clerock of California University (Los Angeles).

In 1970, Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) Robert E. Kahn and Wint Cerf Were developed by became the standard Internet protocol in ARPANET.

If it is said correctly who created it or where the net we use now came from. So let me tell you that the father of the internet, Robert E. Kahn and Wint are Cerf’s father.

History of internet

If we talk about when the Internet started, it was 1969. It was the same day that a network was created for the first time by connecting more than one computer and sending messages between these networks.

After this, what was there still continues to develop, and today the era of 5G has come, it will continue to grow. So let’s take a look at how the net reached us since its launch.

  • For the first time, a project called ARPANET was started for the Internet. It was developed by the US Department of Defense in 1969 under the name Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.
  • The ARPANET was designed to secretly send messages between wars.
  • In 1972, Ratamolins sent an email message for the first time. In this way, the use of email messages continued to grow. In this way, this network became very popular.
  • Subsequently, in 1979, it was first used as a technique in the British Post Office.
  • By 1984, 1000 computers were connected to this network.
  • It started happening now that it started being used in other areas as well and its network spread.
  • The Internet was then renamed NSFNET in 1986. And it proved its importance all over the world.

Food is important for humans, but overeating causes stomach upset. In the same way, using the net properly also benefits a lot. But due to excessive and incorrect use, the damage is also high. So let’s know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the net.

How is the internet made?

It sometimes seems strange to hear how this internet is made, which can be used anytime and from any part of the world.

I am going to inform you here that this is nothing but a web connecting computers all over the world.

The websites, blogs, online apps, and online games that we play are stored in computers in which they are called servers and this is always on 24 hours 7 days.

The server facility is provided by web hosting companies which is 99.99% uptime, ie their computer is always there all day.

Servers around the world are connected by a cable called a fiber optics cable, which facilitates both the movement of data in and out.

And their cable thickness is equal to human hair. It is capable of transferring data at high speeds.

In this way, the entire network of the net is on these cables, why they are transferred from inside the ocean and thus they are spread all over the world, facilitating the internet.

Satellite contribution to the Internet is very less. Much of this is due to only the cable lying under the sea all over the world.

This is why earlier internet facilities were provided only by telephone lines, but today telecom companies allow people to use the net via satellite for use in smartphones.

Internet utility

Friends, now we will know what we use for our life and how we use it for our life.

Online News: Today, we don’t even need to watch the radio and TV and we get all the latest news on our phones.

All the credit for this goes to the Internet, that is why today we can see news, sports, entertainment, all kinds of news in our phones like newspapers and TV-like videos on our phones.

Education Sector: If you go back a few years, only a few people used the net at that time. At that time, I used to use books only for writing.

When the facility of the net came into our hands, it started being used in every way.

If you go to Google and search for a particular topic of any kind, you will get to read a lot of articles written on it.

In addition, online classes are also conducted. There is a website like Udemy which offers online courses. By visiting YouTube, one can read and watch videos made on any subject and understand it.

Medical Sector: Development in the medical field and use of the internet in it has greatly benefited the lives of people. The records of every patient in the hospital are kept online, using a net server.

This is nothing, a doctor living in the US using high-speed Internet manages a patient in London. The net credit for this goes to the network connection itself.

Net banking (online Banking): There is no need to stand in a long line to deposit and withdraw money, this is because many people are now using internet banking.

The congestion of banks is greatly reduced and people do all kinds of work from home.

Advantages of Internet

Everyone talks about the Internet, spoken for everything.

There are many advantages to using anything according to the need. The benefit of the net is that there is no limit. a

At the same time, the store of knowledge is hidden in the net. With this, a lot of work sitting at home from the net is also completed. Let’s go into a little detail.

1. In today’s time, Facebook and WhatsApp are services that are used by every smartphone user. The benefit of these services is that you can also talk with voice messages and videos.

Its most unique advantage is that the distance between people is lost.

2. NET offers great benefits in the field of education. There are many websites in the world which are free and paid and which also provide courses for education.

3. One of the biggest uses that it is used is entertainment. MP3 songs, videos, movies can all be easily viewed on the net.

4. Platforms like YouTube have millions of videos, songs, movies that entertain people.

5. There are many companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal which provide home delivery service to people shopping online.

6. Through the net, we can reach our business to millions of people in a few days.

7. We also get the benefit by paying the gas bills, electricity bills, credit card bills, mobile bills, DTH bills.

8. People earn millions of rupees from home by blogging, Youtube videos, affiliate marketing, and online surveys.

Disadvantage of Internet

Friends, everything in the world has a limit. Moving beyond the limits means that we are violating the rule again.

Similarly, it has thousands of benefits, it gives many benefits. But like every coin there are 2 sides, so is the internet.

1. Some people get so badly addicted to the net that they do not care about any work. And in such a situation people just waste their time.

2. We gave a lot of information about ourselves on social media. Which is sometimes accessed through bad people. Which can be very harmful to us.

3. Our account can also be misused in the net.

4. Sometimes some people also spread rumors. Even if it is wrong information, it does not take any time to go viral on the net.

5. The virus has been attacking ever since the net was created. This is the biggest threat, which can destroy millions by destroying any information.

6. Nowadays mobiles are also given to children. Pornography content on mobile is very easy to access. This has a very bad effect on children.

7. Sometimes social media sites and groups access the account and leave bad messages. These messages are also those which affect society badly.

In short

Once you think that if the internet used in our mobile stops working for 10 days, what will be on your mind for a moment?

You must be wondering how we can spend 1 hour 1 day without a net. Today the Internet is used in every corner of the world. Earlier it was used less but now it is available in everyone’s hands.

I hope you find out what this post is, what the internet is, and how it is created. In this post, you also learned what is the utility of the internet, what is its history, who created it, and what are its advantages and disadvantages. If you liked this post, then please subscribe, you must also share this post on social media. Subscribe to the blog for similar technical information. For any information related doubt, you can give your suggestion in the comment. Thank you.

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