What is Advertising and How to Write?

What is Advertising

You see many types of advertisements in one form or another every day. But have you ever tried to find out what advertising is and what it requires?

Advertising is a communication medium for selling anything through which people are attracted to them by posters, videos, announcements. Today the biggest medium of the advertising platform is a digital medium that has social media. Plays a fairly important role.

Through this post, we will know what is the purpose of advertisement and how to write a good advertisement? Why people nowadays spend a large part of their budget on this. Apart from this, you will also know how advertisements are written and what are its benefits.

What publicity have you seen that you still remember? Some promotions are very attractive like “Washing Powder Nirma”, Ramesh and Suresh 5 Star Chocolate, Asian Paint, Nerolac Paint, etc. You may also remember these advertisements. So let’s know in detail what is the advertisement about this?

What is advertising?

Advertising is a means by which people are informed about the quality of a product or services that may affect the consumer and purchase that service or product. This whole mass media is called advertising.

When a product or service is presented to the public in a unique way that is successful in attracting customers and sales of that product and service increase, it is called advertising.

When advertising is done with a platform that can reach a lot of people, it is called mass advertising.

Promotion is also called selling art, which is a great medium to reach people.

Through this, the information and quality of the product are conveyed to the customers using photos, messages, video, and audio information.

It is another form of development of industries. When production increases in the industry, it is necessary that not only the manufactured product is transported but also information about that product.

Anyone who needs that product will find the product themselves, which will not be needed, they will not waste time after hearing about it. The meaning of saying here is that publicity plays a major role in increasing the popularity of any product.
How that

Let me tell you after asking a question.


What do you do when the rainy season comes and mosquitoes bite?

You must have gone to the shop and said give all out or mortin!

Now you tell me where did you learn about Allout and Mortin?

So your answer would be to watch the promotion on TV.

Yes, you see right, watching TV promotions, we get information about a lot of products and we know and believe it to be a big brand.

When a festival is near, like Eid, Holi or Diwali comes and you start preparing for it. You also get to see publicity related to the festival.

You will remember the advertisement for Cadbury Celebration, which prepares a special Diwali gift and shows it on TV as a pack.

Seeing the publicity, people give each other as a gift to Cadbury. It is amazing of all the publicity that its popularity increases so much that it makes a mark in the minds of the people as a brand. This way sales increase a lot.

Live cricket matches We are shown many types of advertisements on TV during football matches and this is a big part of the promotional system.

At that time, people are so attached to a TV that they also watch the advertisement in the middle of the over.

If no ball is missed, then because of this, we do not go to other channels and all the advertisements running here are printed in the minds of the people.

You may have often seen ads while browsing on mobile, watching videos on YouTube, and watching TV.

In the midst of watching a movie on TV, you must have been bored seeing the promotion of many products.

These are all promotional methods you see often, but maybe pay attention to them occasionally. Because we are only able to focus on our work.

Nowadays, everyone has an Android mobile or smartphone and also an internet connection. Due to which people spend most of their time online. In this, it is used a lot to watch videos on YouTube.

Meanwhile, several video products are also shown. Through this, we know about many products and services used in many lives and their brand value sits in our minds. And in this way we go and buy that product.

What is the purpose of the advertisement

When a new product is launched, the public does not know anything about it, so its information is easily passed on to every man through publicity.

People attract themselves by telling them about the quality of any product or service.

The brand value of the product featured in the promotion is created, which makes people start trusting them.

The impression of that product is made in the minds of the customers. Like people speak Pepsodent or Colgate instead of speaking toothpaste.

Discounting on the product increases the number of customers and also increases sales.

Through promotions, people also compare similar products and reveal who is the best.

People believe in the product and the whole family likes it and uses it wherever they go. In a way, create a habit for that particular product.

The remaining amount is due to the product in the market.

Type of advertisement

We use the Internet every day. Nowadays everyone uses a smartphone. Whether you open Google or YouTube, you will find publicity everywhere.

Also, whether you are watching the news, cricket, serials, or movies on TV, publicity will also be seen there. You see advertising in many ways. These are all different types of advertising. Let us now know what kind of publicity is there.

1. Motivational Advertising

When a new product is launched, the goal of the parent brand is to attract the consumer to test the product. Each company adopts different methods for this.

Motivational advertising is a way to promote a product that aims to persuade the customer in a situation when there are already too many products available in that product’s competition.

Motivating people to buy tested products and encouraging them to increase and maintain the brand value of that new product. It also has the chance to increase customer credibility.

2. Informational Advertising

Such promotions work by disseminating information or information or keeping the business in mind. Furthermore, the purpose of these promotions is to educate people, develop high living culture, motivate them to achieve the goal of traditional thinking and spiritual progress.

Its aim is to provide information about social development, international harmony, wildlife conservation, passenger safety.

3. Institutional Advertising

Institutional advertisements are published by the commercial institution and sent to the public. Such advertisements are used to build trust and confidence in the customer.

For the interest of the nation, large industry groups form a nationally popular opinion as an institution. The purpose of advertising in this is social welfare i.e. public welfare.

4. Industrial Advertising

The goal of such advertising is to increase sales of raw materials and equipment.

The use of such promotions is not meant to attract the general public, but they target those industries or target people who use products related to this industry.

Whether it is for the purpose of production or for the use of the product.

5. Financial Advertising

Financial promotions that relate to banks, loans, insurance, and mortgages. Through this, companies mobilize other companies in their category to buy their shares.

For this, the company represents both its income and expenditure.

6. Classified Advertising

Such advertisements are delivered to the people at a very low and low cost. Such advertisements are published in newspapers in search of mourning, astrological, marriage related, greeting messages, purchase, sale, necessity, job vacancy, groom, and bride.

Examples of advertising – advertising methods

If you are a business person, manufacturer of a product, provide a service, what are the mediums that you can use to promote your product or service? So we know that there are many mediums and we are going to discuss the same here.

1. Television

Recent research has shown that television is still the best and popular media of all publicity. Advertising on television is very expensive.

When there is a special event, the money is taken every second. For example, advertisements are shown in the middle of a cricket match, advertisements from sponsors of high TRP shows, promotions shown between Socara, the World Cup football games, are highly charged.

Popular television commercials

  • Football match
  • Cricket match
  • IPL T20 Match
  • High TRPs are shows like KBC, Bigg Boss
  • Latest release movies

2. Radio Advertising

Radio advertisements are broadcast as radio waves in the air from the transmitter to the antenna, and thus radio advertisements are called by receiving radio waves and listening to the instrument through which the sound is heard.

Through this, airtime or network is purchased for publicity from a station or network. Advertisements can only be broadcast via radio as sound.

Those who support radio advertisements see this as a benefit. It is an extended medium that exists both on air and online. According to Arbitron, radio has approximately 241.6 million listeners or 93% of Americans.

3. Online Code

Online advertisements use the Internet and use the WWW (World Wide Web) to attract customers. There are a lot of popular search engines on the internet that serve advertisements.

In addition to search engines, websites and mobile apps are advertising companies that serve to show promotions on both websites and applications. YouTube is also a very popular platform in terms of publicity.

Best online advertising search engine

  • Google
  • Media.net (Yahoo and Bing Advertising Network)

In addition, there are more websites online where we can promote our things. Even now you can promote your second hand i.e. used goods for sale.

  • Olx
  • Quikr
  • just Dial

4. Print Advertising

Such promotions are published in a newspaper, magazine, trade magazine.

Print advertising is called the way of such magazines. The first form of impression advertising is called classified advertising.

5. Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is termed as a public space and roadside advertisements are placed in the form of large banners and posters.

In cities, these types of advertisements are placed on the side of buildings and roads.

6. Shop Advertising

The advertisements that are placed in the shops are called shop advertisements. In other words, it is also called in-store promotion.

7. Air Advertising

Advertisements made through the air balloon and advertisements on the airplane are called air advertisements.

Benefits of advertising

Good publicity serves to attract the attention of more and more people. What are the features that improve the quality of promotions?

Let us know what quality should be in good publicity.

Innovative and original decoration

Before the advertisement is published, it is necessary that the presentation be very attractive. The decoration should be such that the eyes of the people are drawn towards him.

Focus on the main feature of the product

The best quality of the product must be put into advertising so that it increases its strength. Let people understand why they should buy this product.

Able to attract all

The most important feature of an advertisement, regardless of the product, is that it can attract people’s attention.

The publicity scene, language, and presentation should be such that it captivates the people.

Easily understandable

The promoter company also has to keep in mind that they create an advertisement that all types of people can read and understand.

Whether people are from the city or village, they are educated or less educated, the meaning of publicity can be understood easily. Those who are unable to connect with the advertisement, which has to understand their mind and then lose interest in it later.

Attractive title

It is not said that the first impression is the final effect, similarly on the title of any advertisement, people first glance and people read it.

The title should be such that people are interested in what else to write in it.

Advertisement Required

  • Creating brand value in people’s heart towards goods
  • Informing people about newly launched goods and services
  • Creating trust and interest among users and customers
  • Influencing customers’ minds so that they can keep that product in their mind
  • Explaining discount to increase demand
  • Motivating people to buy something
  • Comparing information with other company’s lesser goods so that customers understand which product is better.

Importance of advertising

Today is the time when the distance between people has ended. The biggest reason for this is the rapid development of technology every day.

Now the distance has no meaning, everyone can be connected to anyone and anytime.

Every day the market is growing and one wants to hold onto the market as well as make it stronger.

Those who are small businesses also want to grow themselves and make every effort for this.

In this episode, they take the help of advertisement and want to make their product accessible to every human in the world.

In olden times, the sources were few and difficult to reach people, but right now you can easily reach your people or service from home.

For this different method of diffusion are used as per requirement. Promotion is very important for a product.

Because it is a mirror that tells all the quality of itself without reaching people. Let us know what its importance is.

Item/Product Information

Through publicity, people get every information related to the product, what is the use of this item? And what is its specialty, as well as how it is known is different from others.

Seller’s profit

Through promotions, not only the customer or consumer but also the shopkeeper selling it, benefits.

Build market

People learn about new products. This is useful in creating a market for that product.

Economic Development

Publicity also contributes to the service of the nation. People are made aware of publicity. And in this way, the market also increases and the standard of living of the people also increases. In this way, the economy of the country gets strengthened and helps in the development of the country.

How to write an advertisement

Whenever you start writing advertisements, there are some things that need your attention.

We are going to tell those things here, so you should follow these things.

  • Be sure to write the name of the item you are promoting, which leads to branding.
  • Write clear information about product quality.
  • Do not write imaginary things that have no relation to the product. Whatever the reality is, write on it.
  • Write something that is completely new and attractive because attracting people is the most important thing.
  • Write you are lines like a poem that sounds good.
  • Take complete knowledge and knowledge of the object, only then you will be able to write everything about it.

Advertising examples

When we see any type of advertisement on our mobile, on TV, we are very impressed.

The biggest reason for this is that the way they are used to write or produce advertisements, they are effective and they use some quotes that are published in our mind.

Let us understand the example of advertisement.

Here we take the toothpaste first. You may have seen Callgate’s advertisement, in which he repeats a particular sentence over and over. Do you have salt in your toothpaste?

Let’s look at another example in which we will talk about Surf Excel. It is repeatedly emphasized that if you have surfed Excel in your home, the stains are good.

That is, you can get your clothes dirty and in this way, time is completely attracted.

Role of advertisement

If a product or service is to reach people, it is said to be the best medium. Therefore, no one can deny its role.

The success of a product or service depends on how the quality of its product is being passed on to the people.

Despite being a good product, if it is not marketed properly, it is possible that the product or service may not reach the people and may not make it a success.

Many times it happens that despite not having good quality, many services and products reach people easily, even if it is later rejected.

Any newly launched product will not take much time to reach people if it has the power of advertising.

In short

Friends, you must now understand what advertising is and why it is needed. Apart from this, in this post, we also learned about the types of these. The students of reading are also taught the art of advertising writing. So, in this post, we also mentioned how to write advertisements?

Also, you have also learned how many mediums to promote and what are its benefits. How now it has become very easy to reach your product to the people. By extending its services to the people, in a way, this work is of national interest. The country is progressing.

Through this post, you also learned what the importance of advertising is. Friends, if you liked this post, then share it on social media as much as possible.

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